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Our Services

Designed by The Home Store in Atlanta, GA

  • A Wide Range of Design Options

  • Unique Furniture & Decor Selections

  • Customized Floorplan Guidance

  • Convenient Shopping Options

  • Personalized to Fit Your Life

  • We Offer Suggestions, You Decide

If you don't feel like you need a full-service design plan, but would like help picking out furniture for your space, this service is for you. Based on measurements that you send us, we will pick furnishing from our home store, and provide you with a unique link to shop your room! This link will be accompanied by a Mood Board, to show you how each of the pieces will work together in the space, and a floor plan to show you where it goes. We will include furniture, rugs, lighting, and accessories in our plan. All you have to do is click order and set it up when it arrives!


Shop Our Inspiration Rooms


Full Service Interior Design in Alpharetta, GA

  • A White Glove Design Experience

  • We Handle Every Detail

  • A Seamless & Stress-Free Process

  • Floorplans & Project Management Provided

  • Custom Furnishings & Decor

  • Professional Installations

Our interior designer and decorator take an organized, structured approach to transform your space! We believe that your home is your sanctuary, and sound design creates an environment that soothes your soul.

What You Can Expect

As part of our broad range of full-service interior design offers, you can expect the following services and much more:

  • Floor plan and 3D rendering

  • Project management that includes budget tracking, procurement, and order tracking

  • Finish selection

  • Stylish kitchen interior design options to match your budget

  • Furniture, Art, and Accessory selection

  • Organizational and Lifestyle planning

  • Custom window coverings

  • Custom furnishing and millwork options

  • Installation and styling for a finished space

How It Works

Our full-service interior designers and interior decorators take an organized, structured approach to transform your space. There are many decisions that go into designing your perfect space, and we will walk you through five distinct phases of the project. Discovery, Planning, Design, Procurement, and Installation. Through each phase you can expect clear communication, tracking and visuals to keep you informed. The first step to start your journey is a phone call or email to our team! During our initial phone call, we will discuss your goals for the space, style, budget, and timeframe for completion.

New Construction and Renovation Design in Atlanta, GA

  • New Construction & Renovation Design

  • Expert Project Management & Home Styling

  • Clear Communication & Weekly Updates

  • Special Orders Available

  • Home Builder Collaboration

  • Exterior, Interior and Furnishing Design Services

We relieve the stress of making decisions and take the worries of project details off your shoulders, with our new construction and renovation design services at Heather Fitzer Interiors.

For years, we have provided our clients with our advanced services in Atlanta, GA and Palm Beach, FL, and are committed to our promise to deliver high-quality projects to the wonderful people that we work with. 


An Integral Part Of Your Project

At Heather Fitzer Interiors, we are an integral part of your design-build team in your new construction or renovation project. There are hundreds of decisions that need to be made as part of your project, and a similar number of products that need to be ordered to bring your visions to life. Our expertise in project management allows us to keep your project on time and on budget. From on-site visits throughout the build, to weekly meetings with the construction team, installation of furnishings, and the perfect pillows on your bed, we will handle every last detail! There is a lot that goes into building a dream home, and we happen to love every part of it!

Architectural Review

We collaborate with your architect or home builder to ensure your floor plan functions perfectly for your needs. This includes reviewing electrical plans, plumbing plans, space planning, and storage needs with the end design in mind. 

Interior Design 

We will work with you to design each space in your home, so no detail is overlooked. This includes your kitchen design, bathroom design, closet design, flooring selection, and architectural features (just to name a few) to create a space that is functional and unique.

Exterior Design

After you have decided on your exterior elevation, we will work with you to pick your exterior finishes including materials, color, lighting, and doors. 

Furniture Selection 

Including your furnishing design as part of your overall home design ensures that everything fits perfectly and can save you money down the road. We make sure that your furnishings fit perfectly, that electrical plans accommodate the perfect lighting, and windows have the perfect coverings. 


We love this part! It is where everything comes together for a beautiful reveal. We will use pieces that you love, such as family heirlooms, and incorporate new pieces to create a finished product that feels like home. We take care of everything from hanging art to fluffing pillows, so all you need do is relax and enjoy your new space!

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